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Review of Jackson, Mississippi

Stay away from Mississippi
Star Rating - 3/13/2018
I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and I’m a retired college graduate. Mississippi is a violent, backward state, always has been, and in 2018 it's still quite dangerous in my opinion. There is corruption in the legal system. I’m the adult son of two deceased lawyers there. They were both corrupt lawyers, violent child abusers, and they abandoned me when I was 17. In general, Mississippi is poor and the schools are inferior. Blue-collar people in the upper Midwest have more money than many professionals in Mississippi. In some ways it’s like a Third World country. Best avoided if you value your safety. Gun ownership is common. Even minors under 18 often own or have access to firearms such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns. If you’re LGBT don’t even think about entering Mississippi. Some foreign countries like the UK have issued official warnings to avoid the state. I think they’re right. Another thing to keep in mind is violence and corruption in healthcare. You might not be able to get a lawyer either. There’s a myth in the US, perpetrated primarily by lawyers themselves, that anybody can get a competent lawyer if they just make an effort, try hard enough, or make a few phone calls. That’s simply not true and never has been. It’s one of main reasons blacks had such a hard time during the civil rights era. None of those cracker attorneys down there would represent them. Public defenders don’t count if they’re incompetent or don’t do any work for you.
Tom Paine | Fayetteville, AR
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