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Star Rating - 4/10/2013
*sigh*..Okay...I've lived in Newport News intermittently since 1995 (military family). Let's start from the now..I'm an adult, and a Human Resources professional...The cost of living, and pretty much everything else is skyrocketing...but the salaries are stuck somewhere in the past 10 years. Companies here want you to have certifications, and degrees, and tons of experience and want to work you like a dog...and all of this for an "amazing" $13 - $14 an hour. Plenty of military influence here but don't bank on getting any of the really cushion-y civilian jobs with the armed forces..they all go to service you're on your own. CULTURALLY: Newport News really doesn't have any culture to speak of..."blase" is the term that comes to mind...As a Black woman I find I am continuously disappointed with the lack of progression within my own race here...That's an entirely separate I'll move on. If you're coming from up North, or pretty much any other major city...the pace may tempt you to jump off a bridge...but please don't because the traffic is HORRID....I have a car, but if I didn't, I would be SCREWED. Public transportation and the general infrastructure is so underdeveloped in Hampton Roads that it's ridiculous. My sympathies to those forced to rely on it. *sigh again* Let me speak on the positives before I become dismal: The crime rate isn't terrible...nothing particularly exciting happens in this city..the next city over (Hampton) provides more (but still very limited) entertainment. ...That's all I got..I'll keep thinking..
Monique | Newport News, VA
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