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Septic tank city USA
Star Rating - 1/14/2014
The traffic is horrible every day of the week including Sunday. The majority of the people I have met here have a very hostile and negative attitude.
Property crime is rampant. If you leave anything lying around that isn't nailed down, don't expect to see it again.
Bums are king. There are so many of them downtown flying signs "Homeless please help!" They are wanting money for alcohol. The tourists who come here just give them money because they believe the scam.
There is no effort to bring good paying jobs here. Meaningful employment is nonexistent.
Housing is overpriced for the unfit dumps they are renting out.
Kansas University is the only thing going on in Lawrence. If you are not part of that college or are planning to be, then never consider coming here! There is nothing here for those who aren't part of KU.
David | Lawrence, KS
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- 12/21/2015
counting USA, lived in 3 countries, 6 towns. If u rag on traffic n lawrence, u aint lived ...
roger | Lacygne, KS | No Replies

- 6/14/2015
Lawrence is a great town
I don't know why people have written negative reviews about Lawrence, but I have lived her...
Serena | Lawrence, KS | No Replies

- 1/9/2014
Lawrence Kansas isn't for everybody.
I have been in Lawrence for over 2 years because of my job. The traffic is horrible ever...
David | Lawrence, KS | No Replies

- 1/19/2013
Nowhere Better in KS
Great college town, wonderful people and community. Fun downtown!...
John | Paicines, CA | No Replies

- 6/20/2012
Lawrence Sucks!
While I was a grad student at KU I lived in Lawrence, KS. I was unimpressed by the town an...
Charles | Swedesboro, NJ | 1 Reply

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