Review of Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Great location and friendly little village
Star Rating - 6/11/2018
Located about halfway between Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho, and lying next to the Snake River, this little town has its own charm. Whether you drop in to the Fudge and ice Cream shoppe, take the drive over to the Three Island Crossing state park to tour the museum, or just take a picnic lunch down to the river, it is worth taking the exit off the interstate. This is one of or "have to" stopping points as we travel between Texas and Idaho.
Dave | Muenster, TX
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Glenns Ferry is stuck in a time that never existed. Extremely closed minded and conservative. It's a badge of honor in Glenns Ferry to have never been any place else. They will be friendly to your face and hateful to your back, especially if they catch a scent of wordliness.
Chris | Glenns Ferry, ID
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