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Hogwarts in Tacoma
Star Rating - 10/31/2006
After a 2 year total renovation of the 'Brown Castle' that is home to Tacoma's 100 yr old Stadium High School, the city has the honor to boast a national award for historic preservation. It's the only high school in the world that is a castle overlooking a stadium on the edge of the water. If that doesn't describe 'Hogwarts' I don't know what does.

Inspiring faculty and students into the 21st century is the state of the art technology implemented as well including fully networked 'Smart Boards' in every class room with access to desktop, scanner, printer and Cable TV.

During their Home Comming celebration they also achieved another notable accomplishment by breaking the Guiness Book of World Records for the number of people attending a Home Comming/Class Reunion!

Although one may find the crime statistics discouraging, I infact find the area refreshingly 'gritty' compared to the tinsil of Seattle and Bellevue.
I deliberately moved here 2 years ago so that my teenage children would be attending school with a richer variation of demographics in their classmates being closer to national averages instead of incubator realities of the wealthier zip codes where I grew up.

On the preserved past, Tacoma's future is being built!

LauraMae | Tacoma, WA
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