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I'm pissed off and angry! Lyon County, Nevada prop
Star Rating - 5/28/2015
Example, funding has stopped for our Rsvp non emergency nevada medical transportation program for disabled people under 60, and being disabled, low income, I don't qualify for logisticare non emergency medical transportation.

BECAUSE of wasteful government spending on things that are not necessary, it jeopardized important programs like rsvp. Myself being disabled with ms, under 60 and low income, and I did email all are nevada politicians, and of course as you would expect, they chose to do nothing, it's pretty obvious, this proves that they are "(do-nothing)" nevada politicians that also discriminate against us disabled, but because of this letter they will deny, and come up with a twisted excuse.
But if THEY or someone they care about gets disabled, then something will be done.
Wow, just think lyon County, NV residents, especially southern Lyon County areas, isn't it wonderful your property taxes went up to support many stupid unnecessary programs like the piss infected swimming pool, then don't you just love coming home to relax in front of your television set because you had to cut back on your cable, and/or satellite, (you were forced into).
So now just enjoy only 5 crappy (no network) over the air channels, especially in Yerington, and no we don't wish to install an unsightly, lightning risking antenna high enough to get the quality channels we deserve. But oh, what a great town that also has very poor health care, even for our pets.
But hey,,, don't worry at least look forward for a one-way helicopter ride to quality renown medical Reno when your Yerington Mason Valley protocol transfer you to SLMC Yerington medical that can't tell the difference between an allergy and pneumonia.
(YMV) are more skilled than SLMC. So Yerington, what's YOUR number?!

Paul | Yerington, NV
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