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Charlottesville? Not cool
Star Rating - 3/6/2013
I must say that Tunis is right about C'ville (as the locals call it). If you want to exist in a self-important college town then this is the place for you. Just about EVERYTHING is about the wonderful UVA, which gets really boring unless you just can not seem to get enough of the Cavaliers and their innumerable sports teams. Anyway, I've lived all over from Columbia, Missouri to Chicago to Honolulu to Little Rock to Tucson and I have no idea why this town gets so many awards. Oh, I forgo.... they have a bunch of vineyards where you can have a glass o vino......pleeeeeease spare me! The housing prices are ridiculous and higher than metro northern Virginia and it really is an obnoxious little overgrown college town with a few old buildings, mostly conservative old people (in the county) and spoiled youngsters at the BUS, combined with the local yokels who wish they were more Southern as they are just north of the real south. I find it to be a lousy place to live except for the time recreating on the lake and hiking. Oh yeah did I mention the marginal weather here. Yes, Virginia is for lovers alright I you love overcast skies 11 months out of the year (1 break in the cloudy skies in October)! I'm moving back out West where the bright, sunny skies, low humidity, and generally cool people live in harmony with each other and their environment.
Edward | Lake Monticello, VA
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