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Terrible, Horrible, Sad excuse of a small city...
Star Rating - 4/13/2019
WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!!! If you are thinking about moving here don’t!! All the reviews about the city being boring, people are super rude and unfriendly, crime is so high. If you have liberal views or vote democratic people here will hate you. It’s sad because Indianapolis has some rich history and has the potential to be better but it will never happen. I hate that I let my husband talk me into moving back here. I want to move far far away from here the cost of living being low is not enough reason to stay. Besides the cost the living here is on the rise. I’m from northern Indiana and up there is so much better then here. I lived only an hour away from Chicago it was nice.
Jhene | Indianapolis, IN
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It doesn't help, Inebriated. Nobody cares about how old or liberal you are. Try to stay on subject. I grew up in northern Indiana. I used to think it was a real dump. These days, Indianapolis is worse than Gary. That's a fact. In the race to the bottom, you're winning. Northern Indiana isn't getting much better, but Indianapolis is circling the drain.
Zen | Portage, MI

Hi, Jhene you say in your review that northern Indiana is much better, so where - what city- might that be? Oh, and btw, I would call myself pretty left leaning and agnostic mid-50s guy if that helps.
A. Inebriate | Sweet Home, OR
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