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Nice and Quiet Area but has crime
Star Rating - 6/29/2017
I have lived in this city for over a year. Even though the area I live in is quiet and the neighbors are nice, the crime that happens around my area is terrible. It doesn't happen in my neighborhood but it still closeby (5 to 10 minute drive from my house). Even only that would be taken care of the area would be great. The county is improving Decatur by building up roads and new property. But any new residents will be scared away if the crime isn't taken care of.
Jarvis | Decatur, GA
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Kindly let me know the area that you live in. We are planning to move to this area from California. Thanks.
patrick | Lancaster, CA | Report Abuse
- 11/25/2011
We Can Do Better
Depending on where you live in Decatur, you will have a different view of the city. Here i...
Tariq | Decatur, GA | No Replies

- 9/6/2010
sh--it on a stick
decatur aint no better than the city of atlanta , do yourself a favor and find som place b...
AMANDA | Atlanta, GA | No Replies

- 6/25/2010
I am currently living in Memphis, Tn. I am considering moving to Georgia! How is the job m...
april | Memphis, TN | No Replies

- 3/1/2010
near & far enough
living in Decatur has the perks of Atlanta, big city style, but without the downside of hi...
marti | Decatur, GA | No Replies

- 7/13/2009
Diverse and growing
Decatur is 7 miles from downtown Atlanta. It's a place of diverse population with lots of ...
Walker | Decatur, GA | No Replies

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