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My review of Shawano Wisconsin, nice people quaint
Star Rating - 8/11/2009
When I lived in Shawano I developed a slogan there. "Come to Shawano on vacation, leave on probation" I put it on bumper stickers and sold a ton of them.

Shawano for the most part is a good town. The local people are very friendly. There are many lakes in the area to choose from for recreation. Shawano does have one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the country though. There are more bars per capita than anywhere in Wisconsin. I find that the utility costs are high in comparison to other cities that I have lived in around the world. The nice thing about Shawano is everyone waves to each other whether walking down the streets or passing cars. It is an ideal place for all kinds of activities for winter and summer. The law enforcement there is extremely crooked. Many of Shawano County's laws are not upheld anywhere else in Wisconsin. In fact the FBI and other Federal agencies are currently monitoring the entire Shawano municipality system. The average median income is the least when compared to Wisconsin. Domestic violence seems to be about the major crime in Shawano in addition to DUI and minor drug offenses. The school system was outstanding and I think it's a good place to raise young children. Shawano has a rich history but changes are always happening. Good luck...
John | Gilbert, AZ
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