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GENEVA and St. Charles (East side vs. West side)
Star Rating - 12/29/2013
I love living in Geneva! I think St. Charles is great too! The question is do I want to live on the EAST Side or West Side of the Fox River?
It depends...

Location! Location! Location!

Buy a house on the East side:
- if you drive to work. Is your job on the East side. Would you have to cross the bridge frequently during snow, rain and events that would delay your commute? The traffic on the bridge is terrible!
- if you have to drive a lot to other suburbs.
- if you love baseball games. I can see the fireworks from my back yard.
- if you the fox river is important to you.
- Remember the trail is on the EAST side.
- if you jog, fish or want to use the trail.

Buy a house on the West side:
- if you go to work on the METRA
- if go to the Kane County Courthouse frequently (lawyer, etc)
- if you shop frequently at the quaint shops.
- if you love to walk to your local coffee shop and fine dining.
- if you love living close to little shops.
- if you love the night life.
- if you don't have any priorities to cross the fox river bridge.

Remember, you can always change things like paint and décor, but you can't pick up a house and move it to a more convenient location.

It is prudent to consider location when purchasing your next home.

Best house hunting! :)

Elizabeth | Geneva, IL
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