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Review of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Star Rating - 6/26/2021
I lived here For over 40 years. Let me tell you This Milwaukee became a sh*t hole . I give it a -0
It’s ghetto. WAY TOO much crime. I mean you got a watch out for flying bullets onthe north and east side, And they’re moving to the southside. People do not know how to drive too many accidents. This is also including the east side of Milwaukee too.
On The north side and the southside mostly you got a watch out for people taking kids for prostituting .
West Allis area is still nice but it’s getting junky. South-Milwaukee and Cudahay is Racist. And there is nothing to do there. There’s also Brookfield it’s not worth living in either They have high taxes and pricey mortgage or rent
The schools on the northside and the southside are ghetto. Way too many drop outs. Their score rating is between zero and five. And West Allis is also ratings 0-5 .
The weather sucks. Way too much snow longer winters.
The housing market is ridiculous and So are the taxes. You can move to a cheaper state with a nicer house In a better neighborhood With good weather and a better decent school.
So the bad things are
Longer winters starting in the middle of October all the way through May.
You get freezing temperatures below negative
Way too much crime
Too many young girls with multiple baby daddies
And that goes for the guys to many baby mamas
So what I’m trying to say is there’s too many hoes
You have to watch out for diseases.
There’s too much of that
The area is ghetto everywhere This includes some of the out skirt of Milwaukee too
It is NOT safe
Definitely not safe for children
Stores are trash
Most of all the stores on the northside are closed Because of people on the northside do not know how to behave , There’s too many thieves and they vandalize their own community. Most but not all of them.
People that live in Milwaukee should take care of their community and property instead of wrecking it.
They have Festival ground towards the lakefront, which it’s OK but it’s crazy just like state fair.
Speaking of state fair places in a ridiculous place in the middle of all the traffic . YOU can’t get through for two weeks when it goes on and there’s no parking. It is a very big mess when that is going on.
They should’ve bought land away from houses . It is an extreme poor location.
specially for residence and workers have to deal with that mess.
The only thing that is good is
I do have some good food of all kinds
The summers are nice about three months they get
So my suggestion is you NOT TO MOVE here . And if you are still living in Milwaukee or around that area make your life better get out while you can. Especially if you have children.
I got myself out four years ago. LET me tell you it was the best thing I did. I have a better school rating it is a seven for my kids.I don’t have to deal with foot / feet of snow and the freezing cold weather.
Come on now there is more than Wisconsin State to choose to live in.
Tonia | Milwaukee, WI
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I definitely will agree with everything you've said here, except the super judgy rude comment about the"baby momma baby daddy" thing... Typical for people to look down their nose and make someone feel less, less worthy, shitty, or "ghetto" because things didn't go as planned in their life, and some of their kids have different dad's or different mom's... Not saying that's my situation, it may or may not be.. that's no one's business but my own.. but that really doesn't defy anything about Milwaukee... Because that's EVERYWHERE you go... I know some of the richest, kindest, humblest, sweetest, compassionate people who have different dad's or moms for all 2,3,4,5 of their children... I will 10000% back you on all of these statements about Milwaukee WI.. I was born and raised here. It's trash, it's extremely unsafe. I mean I was attacked while working at a Dunkin donuts, over a coupon for christ sake.. this city is embarrassing. I hope to be out of here within the next few years, to better mine, my husband's and especially my children's lives...
Briana | West Allis, WI | Report Abuse
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