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Carefree and the town of Cave Creek,az
Star Rating - 3/8/2021
Carefree is not the laid back community it once was. It’s inundated with bikers because of the town of Cave Creek, which is a haven for
Bikers and “Forever Trump” cult members, so if that’s your thing you’ll feel right at home.

Carefree is less cultish, but the 2 towns are closely intertwined, so if that’s you’re thing, you’ll be happy in here. Having said that, Carefree is probably higher income and education level then Cave Creek, but check the data. I enjoyed my time in Carefree, it’s a beautiful place but after the last few years of extreme changes, I’m not sure I’d live there now.
There’s one other plus, beautiful wildlife: coyotes, bobcats, javelinas, deer in the winter (and rattlesnakes), ??, but snake prove your yard, if you have pets!
Jane | Scottsdale, AZ
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- 2/16/2016
Carefree AZ Weather
Delightful from Mid-Oct thru Mid-May. Very hot in summer but the dryness does allow for mo...
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- 4/8/2009
Free & Easy!
Life in Carefree is definitely free and easy. Part Cowboy and part resort there is peace a...
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- 9/3/2008
Carefree, Arizona is a lovely place to live. It is at a higher altitude than so it is usu...
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