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Review of Johnstown, Pennsylvania

cost of living
Star Rating - 10/12/2012
Johnstown is very sceneic. The people are very nice howeever, if you go too far out into suburbia you will find a great deal of ignorance and racism. The down side is little to no jobs, horrible pay. Like taking a 4 or 5 dollar an hour paycut to move to this area. Plus the utilities here will way out way your rent. I only pay 325.00 for a nice 2 br but over 400 a month in utilities and it's just me at work all day and 1 child. I love it here but I'm afraid the bad economy and the utilies are going to drive me elsewhere.
linda | Johnstown, PA
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Johnstown IS an armpit--Drugs thugs and pitbull attacks. Also a corrupt and PC Government and PD..
Michael | Johnstown, PA | Report Abuse
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