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Life in Timmonsville
Star Rating - 5/10/2011
I purchased my home in the middle of town in Timmonsville last June. I love my neighborhood. In surrounding towns, most people seem to have a negative opinion about Timmonsville. After living here I can honestly say it isnt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. The only reason I moved here was because I found a beautiful house for sale. The house is valued at $349,000 but was a foreclosure and I bought it for $38,000. Most of the surrounding homes have a lot of unrealized potential but recently Ive noticed many new people moving into town and they are all working hard to improve the appearance of their house and property.
Its usually quiet around wear I live. Most people are very friendly. The "inner city, tough gangstar" type culture is prominant though and can be problematic at times. Fortunately, our police department is absolutely incredible and have been working hard to improve the quality of life here...and they have.
The only thing that really bothers me is the way people treat dogs here. Like many areas of the country, dogs are not family pets here. Instead they are treated as symbols of satus in the gangstar community. Men walking their over muscled pit bulls on oversized metal chains are a daily sight. Animal abuse is a serious problem here. I run a nonprofit dog rescue out of my home. We have had dogs stolen from us and used as bait for training pit bulls to fight. This is something I, and the local police force, have been working hard to correct.

Anyone moving into the area should have a security system installed, have the property fenced in, and have a large breed dog in the home.

All in all, it is a wonderful town but it still has its problems. Problems that are slowly being fixed.
Chase | Timmonsville, SC
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