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Boise Used To Be Nice Place
Star Rating - 11/27/2019
Lived in Boise since 2002 and am not happy with the drastic changes. This city wasn't set up for the large influx of people who are now driving up home prices, real-estate, and cost of living index. The wages are low, the educational system is in the bottom 5 for the nation, and crime and other problems are increasing. Really sad. Ready to find a new place to live.
becca | Boise, ID
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Becca-Boise is pretty much as you say here, but 1 star is unfair. Worst places I lived were 2-star hellpits, and Boise is paradise compared to them. And they could be worse. Like you, we are moving to greener pastures, but leaving with a smile for Boise.
Jay | Boise, ID
- 12/13/2019
Mixed bag of pros and cons- just too conservative.
Moved here on Veterans Day 1998 and have very mixed views. 3.5 Stars. Reviewers are genero...
Jay | Boise, ID | 1 Reply

- 11/15/2019
No longer a "livable" city: Noisy Not Boise
The urban sprawl here in Boise is staggering. Their idea of city planning/design does n...
Virgil | Star, ID | No Replies

- 10/25/2019
F**k Idaho in general
Moved here 3 years ago. Biggest mistake I have EVER made. People in Idaho are some of the ...
none of your business | Caldwell, ID | 2 Replies

- 9/25/2019
You can have shitti Boise! I'm out!
I moved to Boise in 1999 and I loved living there ...well up until about 2012. Firstly tr...
Kat | Caldwell, ID | 3 Replies

- 8/23/2019
Great if you like bad traffic and bad air :-P
I was born in Boise and lived there for most of my life, just shy of 40 years (1976-2016)....
Bob | Troy, ME | 3 Replies

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