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Star Rating - 4/14/2007
I currently live in Stevensville in the Bitteroot Valley, near Missoula in Western Montana. I grew up in Rockville, Maryland in Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. I also lived near Charlotte, North Carolina for 10 years before moving to Montana in 2006. Although Montana is truly a pristine, beautiful place, it is about 20 years too soon in my life for this much peace and quiet, and to feel this isolated from the rest of "the world". It feels very safe here, but the trade off is excruciating boredom, unless you are a college student, retired, or love hunting and fishing (I don't). Looking for a new "spot" for myself and two teens, hopefully, my last move for a very long time. I've done a lot of research, I think I have it narrowed down to the right state for us, trying to make sure.
Abhd | Stevensville, MT
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- 7/4/2007
Home sweet home
Stevensville has been my home since I was six years old. While the redneck culture and Bib...
Bp | Stevensville, MT | No Replies

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