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Star Rating - 4/29/2019
We moved to Sparta, TN almost two years ago.

We visited the year before that and while we have been coming to east Tennesse for over 25 years... it only took one visit to Sparta to change our minds of where we wanted to really live.

Sparta has that small town feeling we were looking for. Where traffic means you have to wait for 5 cars to go by. Where there is a town square where you can buy antiques or what the local artists have to offer. Where there is a coffee shop all the locals like to visit and sit and chat for a while.

Sparta also happens to be right at the edge of where the Upper Cumberland Plateau drops about 1,000 feet. This allows for it to have more Caves and Waterfalls per square mile than anywhere in the country!

If you like taking hikes in beautiful surroundings a great place to live. Within 30 minutes I can be 7 State Parks each with its own charm and amazing views.

The cost of living is lower than most places so it is a great place for those looking to retire.

In my case, another reason I liked Sparta is that I have an online business and Sparta happens to be a Gigabyte community. There are a couple of companies that have put in that infrastructure of running Fiber Optic lines to individual homes allowing up to 1 Gig of Upload and Download right to your home or office.

If you are in need of a job, Sparta has many manufacturing companies that make car parts for all the major car manufacturers. However, the majority of work may be found by commuting to nearby Cookeville which is 10-30 minutes away depending on which side of town you live on.

While Sparta only has one local Supermarket it also has a Walmart. If you are looking for a greater variety Cookville has Publix, Kroger, ALDI, Save A Lot, IGA, Food Lion, and several other local Super Markets.

All the main National Brand Restaurants ( Cheddars, Olive Garden, LongHorn, Outback, CrackerBarrel, Golden Corral, Buffalo Wild Wings, O'Charlies, Red Lobster, Rib City, Etc.) are also within 10-30 minutes off I-40.

Having lived in much bigger cities, I do also love that we are 90 miles or less to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville so that gourmet restaurants any major event or concert is within 90 minutes or so.

So if you are looking for a higher quality of life, where you can get away from the rush-rush of big city living, a quiet place to raise a family or spend your retirement in, and yet have plenty of outdoor things to enjoy and the convenience of having bigger cities nearby... you may find Sparta is the town for you.

Eli | Sparta, TN
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I was born here,i was raised here,there has never been anything here. to any young person ...
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- 11/23/2009
HA Shop Sparta?
All over this town you see signs that say SHOP SPARTA FIRST! What a load of crap! They wan...
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