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Redneck reaction
Star Rating - 4/9/2018
I've never encountered more redneck reaction in any place I've lived in my life until I moved here. It's a semi-regular occurrence.

Our realtor said "You can't go wrong in Warren County". Well, that's Mason and Springboro. Everything in between is redneck.

People get mad when you pass them on the road here. Some will actually drive under the speed limit on purpose solely to mess with you. Once you pass them, they get mad and speed up. Then, miraculously they are suddenly able to drive the speed limit as they tail you and chase you down the road and through town. People will drive fast to keep you from getting in front of them, and once you pull in back of them then start driving slow. If you honk at a driver to avoid an accident over something they did wrong, they will act aggressively and try to retaliate.

One of our neighbors, unaware that I lived in their development, pulled out in front of me in town. I lifted my hands up. Then, they slammed on their brakes. I passed them. Then, they chased me.

I passed someone on Morrow-Woodville Road after they were already driving well under the speed limit and then almost slowed to a stop for no apparent reason. I was chased by Morrow police, who pulled into my driveway, flipped their lights on when I was already in my garage, and then said "What are you doing?" talking to me like I'm some little kid.

I've had several people pick fights and gaslight me on the neighborhood social media website called Nextdoor, particularly in developments outside my own such as the Villages of Classicway over a post regarding a change in trash pickup during the holidays (Yes, you Samantha Louise Butscha and Eric Sanchez!). The instigator of that particular conflict, Samantha Louise who has a police record for using fake names (check, made a disparging remark about me being middle-aged and called my husband a creep (my husband was not even involved in the altercation). The last person I would expect to unnecessarily smart off and pick a fight with me online would be a neighbor esp over something petty and stupid.

Being gay, this certainly wouldn't have been my first choice of places to live. If we had more time to look for a house, we wouldn't have. Surprisingly, we found two other gay couples in our development. We reached out to them; neither of them were interested in meeting us, and we got played by one of those. The one we got played by happened to be a retired minister! He kept reaching out to us and then suddenly stopped contact and acknowledgment, and I believe in his last coorespondence to me on Nextdoor that he was mocking one of my posts. After not hearing from him for a long time, he piggybacked off a later post I made on Nextdoor regarding people bagging their garbage better so it didn't blow around the neighborhood without any direct acknowledgment of me and prefacing it with "I don't want to offend anyone" (i.e. as if I did). That's not Christian behavior.

Some of our neighbors don't speak or acknowledge us. Some have never spoken nor introduced themselves.

The 1/2 percent of income taxes you pay get you roads with potholes, inadequate snow removal, low water pressure, and patronizing interactions from a couple of the village personnel. We were told the water pressure was good enough for them, and then they had the audacity to tack on $10 (without a vote) to everyone's water and sewer bill for improvements.

It's a rather unfriendly place. It's a solidly lower middle-class community, and it shows in the attitude and uncouth behavior of the people. I seriously don't think many of them realize that what they are doing is wrong.

We moved out of here two months ago and have none of these problems now. I'm very glad I no longer live here.
| Norman, OK
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Another thing I want to add is the village tax administrator doesn’t know how to do taxes. I was hunted down to my new address in another state (I intentionally didn’t leave a forwarding address for other reasons) with the claim I miscomputed my taxes and owe them more. I’m an accountant; I know how to do my taxes. And yes, she was incorrect. She also tapped my husband to pay taxes when Morrow wasn’t his official residence. She also gave him an unnecessary and obnoxious lecture that it was his duty to pay taxes to Morrow.
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