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Crowded and Expensive
Star Rating - 7/18/2018
In spite of its beautiful and manicured appearance, The Villages is all about money. Spending it. Drinking it mostly. No good medical care. Food is in poor condition by the time it is unpacked into the stores. Summers would be better spent absolutely anywhere else on the planet. People are busy spending or drinking their money away. Mostly second homes, with people rushing to the next golf game. Oops! Did I just kill someone racing in my gold cart ? Oh well, there’s a drinking hole within a few miles! Let’s go!
Jay | The Villages, FL
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Jealousy is such an ugly thing. I live in The Villages after having lived all over the world. My stress level has never been lower, I spend very little beyond my basic needs because there is so much for me to do already included in the amenities fee, I don’t drink nor play golf and I thoroughly enjoy living here.
Yo | The Villages, FL
- 6/26/2017
The Best Place to Retire
I've lived in The Villages now for almost 2 years and I also am a Realtor with REMAX Premi...
Donald | The Villages, FL | 3 Replies

- 11/6/2013
Living in The Villages
The Villages environment is very unusual....
Susan | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 1/30/2013
John | The Villages, FL | No Replies

- 4/30/2009
Tri-County city
As in your case, many reviews of The Villages miss the boat due to the city being in three...
Joe | Pleasanton, CA | No Replies

- 4/29/2009
Golf, Swim, Dance, Bocce, Concerts, Beautiful Wea
Beautifully, manacured lawns common areas, live oak trees, very, very clean, two town cent...
Shari | Lady Lake, FL | No Replies

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