Review of Apopka, Florida

Tree-lined & Peaceful - Small Town Vibe
Star Rating - 7/31/2019
I just moved to Coach Homes in Errol in January. Love the tree-lined streets with sidewalks. Plenty of space to work out and ride bikes. The neighbors are pretty friendly and the HOA keeps up the vegetation nicely. So quiet, clean and peaceful. Great for families and singles.

Stop by Trader Mae's! Always good finds in there. Very reasonable prices and several different vendors to choose from.

The only complaint I would have is we need more shopping choices. A Target, Homegoods, and coffee shop would be nice. It sucks to have to go to the other side of Apopka to shop. This would also attract more buyers. New homes are being built at reasonable prices and we need more than Lowes and Home Depot. Considering how many people drive through here to get to the 429, I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet.

Also, downtown Apopka could use new shops. We could be so cute, still retaining our small-town vibe.
Just a hop, skip and a jump on the 429 to TPK and 414. Everything is pretty much a 15-20 minute drive, which certainly beats the 45 minutes it used to take me from Clermont. Also so many ways to avoid the fiasco of I-4!

Great place to live!
Kendra | Apopka, FL
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