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Whoever says there is nothing to do here is not in
Star Rating - 4/3/2015
I moved to Steubenville from Youngstown on April 1, 1991 and have never regretted it. Steubenville has so much to offer with few drawbacks, we have two colleges in the city-one is a large faith based institution and the other is Ohio's fastest growing Community College. We have a thriving historic district currently with two bed and breakfast in two lovely restored Victorian homes known as Bayberry Properties. We have some of the most beautiful architecture you will find on our turn of the century buildings located in our downtown business district. We have a large retail distribution center located next to an Industrial Park that is nearly full with businesses located just west of our city border. We have Ohio's oldest Harley Davidson dealer just west of our city border. We have 4 nationally known hotel chains located within our city borders and expansion expected to begin in the summer of 2015. We have many national franchise restaurants within our city as well as numerous family owned institutions. We have one of only two Historic Forts in the state of Ohio, we offer free concerts at this Fort beginning in May each year on Thursday nights. As I write this we are preparing for our fifth speaker in the series of speakers to present her story at the Steubenville Big Red Auditorium, Rebecca Gregory will tell of her severe injuries sustained at the Boston Marathon and how this event has made her truly "Boston Strong" -- other speakers in our series have been, Clint Hill, Antonio Mendez, Captain Phillips and Col. Mark Tillman. Did I mention that thanks to the generous sponsorship of a local business these events have all been free to area high school students. We have a two week celebration of our hometown annually that ends with a celebration in honor of Dean Martin every June. We have two weekly farmers markets within our city borders that take place throughout the summer months and we have a network of well funded non profit agencies here that feeds, clothes and helps to take care of our less fortunate. So for those of you who say there is nothing to do in Steubenville, get off the couch, get out in your hometown, get active and "Love Where You Live!" or move to where you will. But please do not discourage others from coming here and enjoying all there is to see and do here in small town America
Kenneth | Steubenville, OH
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Wow so that explains it..I am guessing that Steubenville would have to be a step up from Youngstown, Ohio..there is probably no place more depressing except maybe Detroit. Enjoy that community college and "thriving' historic honest, don't anyone go downtown after risk getting shot...
Susanne | Ogden, UT
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its ok...
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