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Star Rating - 3/22/2017
I've lived in a lot of cities and small towns up and down the East Coast and in the Mid-West. Louisville is my favorite by far, although as with anything, you get more from a place, the more you put into it. Louisville is affordable and the people are polite. There is a small-town feel; everyone knows everyone, so don't gossip ever. The drivers are mostly polite. Downtown, people make eye contact and nod or say hi. Be fore-warned, the first question from a native is "where did you go high school", not "what church do you go to".

There are almost no professional sports, but the local college teams are great and well supported, and there are annual marathons and mini-marathons often. The Louisville Orchestra and Louisville Ballet are popular. Residents support local restaurants, but don't ask for fried chicken unless you want a weird look and an invitation to Sunday dinner at Grandma's. There are more live theaters here than anywhere I've lived. The live music scene is terrific, lots for free if you pay attention. Music, food and art festivals are held almost every weekend between the two-week Derby Festival and mid-November. By the way, don't plan on getting any work done during Derby, last weekend in April-first weekend in May, it's like the week between Christmas and New Year's here.

Architecture ranges from every time period from the 1790's on. There are whole neighborhoods representing different time periods and economic classes from high-Victorian to shotgun houses; City Hall is French Empire, the courthouse is Greek Revival, cast-iron front buildings dominate Main and Market Streets, interspersed with a few post-modernism office buildings.

Again, you get from a place what you put in. Join clubs, volunteer, and get involved for a better experience.
Jennifer | Lyndon, KY
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