Review of Easton, Connecticut

A Jewel in Fairfield County Connecticut
Star Rating - 9/2/2010
Like a place out of time, Easton, CT stays true to its agricultural heritage. Immediately off a major interstate route (Rt. 15/Merritt parkway), one drives on the tree-lined, ribboned roads passing orchards, pumpkin patches, horse farms and cornfields. No commercial zoning allowed, but for the 2 general stores and the Bluebird garage/diner-- all of which predated zoning laws when they opened for business in the 1800's. Easton citizenry embraces and supports the farms and the rural character of the community. It feels like a small Vermont town -- remote, countrified -- yet not more than 15 minutes from the chicness of Southern Connecticut/Fairfield County: shorelines, theatres, symphonies, shopping (main streets and malls) in upscale towns like Fairfield and Westport. The draw of city lights beckons to the north and south... for Easton lies between New Haven and Stamford, CT (about 25 miles each) and 60 miles to Manhattan. Kudos to Connecticut magazine for rating Easton the best small town in Connecticut (2009)!
Patricia | Easton, CT
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