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Review of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You've got to be crazy to want to come here. Hell!
Star Rating - 3/11/2010
Yes, it has a lot of interesting and unique things, as most nasty places do.

But unless you are accustomed to living in NYC and/or the ghetto, you will have difficulty with everything.

I have never heard of having armed security guards in a family physicians office, but Philly has them.

Want to go shopping? You are forced to shop in Saks Fifth Avenue or drive 50 miles away to a suburb just for a store like Target.

Like to drive? You have to spend 20 per hour just to have your car parked.
Forget about walking, the streets are so crowded if you pause to look around you will get trampled. This is the only city where I actually hit a pedestrian, and it was considered a normal occurrence.

The roads have gigantic potholes, If someone has a breakdown or fender bender, they stop right in the middle of the road, they don't believe in pulling over. Really nasty people, and they all sound like Rocky Balboa.

God forbid there will be a snowstorm, of course there will it's winter silly. They don't plow or salt. They shut the whole city down, I hope you are safe at home when the snow starts and I hope your job won't fire you.
This is also the only place I have been where I have seen huge city rats, and they have more and larger cockroaches than anywhere in the world I have been.
tara | Phoenix, AZ
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