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Great schools!
Star Rating - 5/23/2011
Moved here with my 3 sons and husband in spring of 2009 and am really impressed with the elementary and middle school here. (Spring Hill Elem. and Bennetts Mill Middle) My kids have continued to excel with great teachers and especially love our middle school principal, Mrs. Presley-King. She doesn't miss any of the after school events and makes a point of noticing the children and their leadership abilities! We move a lot and so happy that we landed here!
karen | Fayetteville, GA
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- 3/3/2011
Rental Rates
Wanting to know what is the average rental rates in Fayette County. ...
Darlene | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 1/30/2010
Summer and Winter
In Summer, it's hot and dry, 80-90F easily, every day. If there's a breeze it's more toler...
Bp | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 8/14/2009
It's home to me
Overall, I like Fayetteville. I grew up here and it will always be my home. It's changed a...
Ash | Norcross, GA | No Replies

- 3/20/2006
Crime rate going up...population changing
As the population changes, it appears to me that the crime rate is going up. I haven't st...
Regina | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 3/1/2006
Low Crime
Crime leveles are low the court and police have a good hand on it....
Alan | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

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