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crime in deland
Star Rating - 11/17/2010
DON'T MOVE TO DELAND,DELEON SPRINGS! The Deland Police department have some type of dirty dealings with the mexican criminals in Deland. They can do anything illegal and the deland p.d. will NOT arrest them mexicans for nothing! I think they have a relative in the department! I think they could get away with murder. Ten of the ramirez family members and friends with their Pit bull attacked a husband and wife at their home in deland and was on the husband and wife in their front yard when the Deland Police pulled up on the seen after the ramirez commanded the pit bull to bite the wife in the face! **THE DELAND POLICE DID NOTHING (no arrest were made at that time) ** After Three of the Hispanics attacked the Police officer the three was arrested for resisting arrest. Not assaulting an officer.After that that the same gang (They call their self's SUR13)Attacked another person whjle he was on his job. Again none of that gang was arrested! But guess what the deland pd arrested the worker for defending him self. I would have never guess that in a million years! HA HA
tj | Deland, FL
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Terry | Cloverleaf, TX | Report Abuse
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