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Star Rating - 8/5/2017
Hello all
I have been in Brunswick for the last 13 years. Many of the reviews that are here were accurate 8, 10, or 15 years ago (when they were written). Today, we still have some crime, but a whole lot more police. The housing and shopping are plentiful and the employment opportunities are outstanding.
A silly example: We have a book store (Books a Million). Most of you would say "big deal!" The next nearest bookstore is more than 125 miles away.
Housing is what you make it. I can show you a home for $25,000 or a home for $25 million. Food and fuel prices are good and there is a saying here: Whatever you need is here in Brunswick. If it is not, then there is a major city one hour to the south(Jacksonville) and one to the north (Savannah).
As a bonus- the coast can be reached in about 30 minutes or less from just about anyplace in or around the city.
Michael | Brunswick, GA
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I have read some other reviews that contradict your review. Is there a website I can look at that has an updated review of Brunswick? Or can you tell me surrounding cities that might be a little safer? The city I live in currently is below the national average for violent and property crime - while I do not mind if it jumps a little where I move to, Brunswick GA is listed as four times higher and I read the most dangerous cities in GA and Brunswick is mentioned as #11 and people having a 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim of crime. I have two boys, ages 17 and 20 and I'd hate to move them somewhere and they are influenced by this and I would also hate anyone in our family to become a victim to the crime(s). I was mainly interested in Pooler and Savannah but do to my ability to transfer with my job, Brunswick is "almost" added to the list tonight. Your review seems to be ideal but I would like to see more than one review like this...Thanks!
Kerri | Mechanicsburg, PA | Report Abuse
- 5/19/2022
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Moved here six years ago… A great place to live… Excellent weather and always has a gentle...
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- 1/12/2012
retiring soon looking for a nice place to visit.
I hope to be in that area by the spring....
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crime in brunswick georgia: what to do to keep you
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The fall, winter, and early spring are moderate and pleasant. Summers are hot and humid...
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Horrible place to live!
Brunswick is a horrible place to live. For the population being so small, the crime rate i...
Alisha | Brunswick, GA | No Replies

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