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Albany is a nice place!
Star Rating - 7/30/2013
Hey, I disagree with the other posters. This isn't Boston or New York City. I'll list what I like about Albany. It's inexpensive to live here. Rents and housing prices are very reasonable. There are lots of cultural events and institutions here. There's theatre--everything from small local theatres to regional places like Capital Rep, to big Broadway musicals. There is all kinds of free live music all over the place. SPAC is great. If you like to hike or snowshoe or do almost any kind of outdoor activity, it's close by. There is a small DIY culture here in the form of Troy Bike Rescue and the CAC Woodside in Troy. Lots of good restaurants. I don't know what these people are complaining about. It's better than living in Texas. It should get even better now that we're about to get a new mayor.
Oh hey, there's also great architecture. We have a great food co-op.
I will say that the recent cabaret license ordinance sucks ass. That law needs to go. And there are a few too many people who live here who don't like other people making a little noise -- a music venue was shut down because the upper class residents didn't like a few of the people milling around or the amount of noise, and another group of upper class people didn't like the idea of a church being used as a brew pub.
But it's still a pretty nice place.
Poe | Albany, NY
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