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Star Rating - 10/24/2018
I’ve lived in Havasu for 3 years now and all I can say is STAY AWAY unless you’re white, older than 60,and don’t want to do anything with your life.
This is a highly racist town (white republicans will openly talk down on brown skinned people. You’re treated differently but this is Trumps America. They fly his flag, sell his hats, and even have cardboard cutouts everywhere.
The public education is ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLE. As everyone knows, Red for Ed was a big deal in Arizona. Havasu has large class sizes with less than quality teachers. There is also only ONE charter school (Rates terribly overall) and essentially no real Private schools.
When it comes to activities, unless you have a boat or a fishing license, there isn’t much. That could explain the high teen pregnancy rate here (if you have teens, beware). You see A LOT of single moms coming out of the high school and shopping with their kids.
When it comes to colleges, you have one option. A small community college (if you can even call it that). It barely functions and I wouldn’t doubt your “degree” wouldn’t be honored Anywhwre because the lack of quality education is ridiculous. Just look up the ratings for MCC, it’s bad.
Lastly, there aren’t real jobs here. It’s fastfood or medical. So good luck if you’re working class. That’s why the only people who live here are those who have already lived here, business owners who moved in, or retired people. This isn’t a good town and they have a lot of sex offenders in town. It’s creepy how bad it is. I suggest looking at the registers online to see for yourself.
This isn’t a town for opportunity. That’s why all the young adults keep leaving (some even middle age adults too) and are leaving for better places.

If you like a slow pace of life where there is no progress or opportunity, come to Lake Havasu!

Amanda | Lake Havasu City, AZ
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First off, who wrote the rule that we Americans, all of a sudden, have to be ashamed, and make excuses to be white, retired Trump supporters? You flaming liberals have taken over many major cities. And turned them into disaster zones in the process. But yet you scream bloody murder if a small, out of the way desert town of 50,000 is conservative and white. Spare us all the nonsense, please. We have as much right to be here as you do. Second, no one moves here to become educated, and to get high paying employment. Anymore than they would by moving to Palm Springs or Daytona Beach. It's a resort / retirement town for God's sake. How much "opportunity" do you expect from a desert town of 50,000 people? (Which drops to almost half that in the dead of Summer). If that's what you want, then move to the city. Don't come here, then complain. Third. We are a RESORT town. You wouldn't buy a 3500 series pickup truck for a smooth ride. So why would you move here for a high paying job, or a higher education? It's silly. This town doesn't pretend to be something it isn't. It's a nice, small, desert town that plays host to some of the best boating, fishing, and water sports in the United States. That's what it's known for. Not, "worldly culture". Amanda, you are unhappy here because you moved here for all the wrong reasons. And you obviously didn't research your move very well, or you wouldn't have come here in the first place. I came here for several reasons. One of which is the fact I HATE cold weather. Do you honestly think I would be any more happy in Fargo, North Dakota, than you are here?
William | Lake Havasu City, AZ | Report Abuse

Julie, If you are referring to the fact that I am part of the "minority" that elected President Trump, and will reelect him again this coming November, you are correct. I am most definitely part of that "minority". And if telling the truth makes me appear to be "shallow" to you, then yes, go ahead and call me that. I'll wear it like a badge of honor. It's better than being a politically correct liar, like yourself. Deal with it, cupcake.
William | Lake Havasu City, AZ | Report Abuse

Elaine, you said, "Property prices are way out of line for living in a catbox. If you are a racist or like being around river trash all day, this is the place." So.... Let me get this straight. The houses are way too expensive for your liking. But in spite of that us, "River Trash" can afford them. Perhaps you would be better suited living in a lower income area? And because our population is predominately white and conservative Republican, we just have to be "racist", right? And the fact we are a retirement town with low property tax assessments, that doesn't require schools and colleges on the level of Harvard and Cornell, opportunity is just lost to you. That and the fact is, if someone owns a business, they're more likely going to employ a friend or relative, instead of YOU. My God, perish the thought! You sound nothing more than jealous, angry at the world, and are looking for others to blame for your own shortcomings. I doubt you would be happy anywhere. Your soul needs a complete overhaul.
William | Lake Havasu City, AZ | Report Abuse

Totally TRUE - Bigtime racism and low end jobs. The few professional jobs are immediately filled with friends and relatives. Property prices are way out of line for living in a catbox. If you are a racist or like being around river trash all day, this is the place.
Elaine | Lake Havasu City, AZ | Report Abuse

...which begs the question: why do you continue to live there? Not being sarcastic - genuinely curious.
Jay | Pittsfield, MA | Report Abuse
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