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Reno-healthy,weather,yr round activities,friendly
Star Rating - 9/20/2018
Lived in Reno for a year and loved it. Great community,church,outside recreation,small town feel close to so much, wonderful weather alot going on bike and walking paths, dog friendly just beautiful all around

Candi | Reno, NV
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- 7/10/2019
Just a mini LA without all the jobs now.
Lived here my whole life too expensive to live here now might as well go homeless w everyo...
Jasmine | Reno, NV | 2 Replies

- 10/22/2018
Friendly, Beautiful Little City
I've lived in Reno for the last 7 years and am in love with this little city. The people ...
Robin | Reno, NV | 2 Replies

- 3/22/2018
A miserable dead end. Reno is cursed as kryptonite to the best of efforts. Most anything t...
Mae | Vancouver, WA | 2 Replies

- 3/2/2018
The Next Silicon Valley. Perfect Place to Move.
I remember myself moving to SF back in 2006. Reno has the same feeling today. It is slowly...
Andrew | Reno, NV | No Replies

- 11/25/2016
quality of life
reno has a me first mentality. so if looking for long term relationships forget it. very ...
deborah | Reno, NV | 3 Replies

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