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Born and raised there and then I ESCAPED!!
Star Rating - 1/25/2020
If I could give a ZERO to Albany I would. I grew up there and lived there on and off from 1972-1990 when I graduated from high school and GOT THE HELL OUT!! I guess when my grandparents moved there in the 70s it was a decent place, but it steadily declined and when I return home to visit my few remaining family members there, I just find it more and more and more depressing of a place.

Back when I was growing up it got the title of "murder capital of america" at least for one year. I was scared all the time. I was living in a "bad" area where we had burglar bars on the windows and seemed to know of a murder a few blocks in every direction from my house.

When I visit now there are so many abandoned and boarded up houses. The real estate is worth nothing...the only positive about it if you want somewhere SUPER cheap to buy property and don't need to make money when you sell it.

It is flat, boring, hot, close-minded, etc... It feels like the rest of the country moved forward and it has just slid back and back and back.

If you are considering moving to GA, I would highly suggest doing your homework and picking somewhere better.
cara | Los Angeles, CA
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- 6/19/2019
Albany is so far proven itself depressing shithole
I've only lived here a week and I'm almost crying myself to sleep every night. The blacks ...
Johnny | Albany, GA | 1 Reply

- 4/2/2019
Stay away!
I lived here from 1995 to 1999 and it was the most backwards, racist and soul drowning pla...
Kimberly | Pittsburgh, PA | 1 Reply

- 2/4/2015
Worst Place to Live
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT move to Albany Georgia. It's the worst place to live. Full of raci...
Nic | Albany, GA | 1 Reply

- 1/27/2015
Not much going on In Albany GA
I have had the opportunity to live several parts of the country and Albany is at the botto...
Tim | Leesburg, GA | No Replies

- 10/8/2014
Do not move to Albany GA
We moved to Albany GA and it was 8 months of pure hell. There is NOTHING good about Albany...
j | Albany, GA | No Replies

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