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Review of Casper, Wyoming

Never say never
Star Rating - 8/16/2020
I grew up in Casper and remember complaining how little there was to do. I swore that I would never live in Wyoming again. After living in Montana, Arizona, Upstate New York and then Denver CO, I have come to appreciate my hometown more than I ever thought. In Denver there is no shortage of entertainment but what it lacked was people. With a population over 3 million that says a lot. When my now wife and I started looking to get married and make a home, we knew it wouldn’t be anywhere other that Casper. We wanted to be somewhere a neighbor actually knew your name. Neighbor kids ride bikes together and you know the parents of every one of them. We found people again you could have a drink with and share life with. Beyond that, the miles of trails, the 5 tail waters within 2.5 hours, countless lakes, camping and general adventure make Casper an ideal place to raise and be a family. Though we get a little more than our fair share of wind, this town is by far the best I have lived in.
Bryce | Casper, WY
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