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A comfortable place to live
Star Rating - 8/21/2009
Arlington is north of Seattle. Like the entire Greater Seattle area, the quality of life is easy going. The weather is generally gentle all year long. A little snow in the winter, some years less than others; nice summers, usually not too hot, very comfortable.
Anything a person would want to do is available: mountains for skiing; lakes, sound, and ocean are close by for water sports; cultural pursuits can be found everywhere.
Although, we are in a higher cost of living area, its how I'm used to living. No big deal. The roads are taken care of better than most. The economy is hanging in there compared to other parts of the country.
Arlington crime is low. I haven't seen any of it in my immediate area.
Now if only it would be 72 degrees all year long, with intermittent rain showers to keep it as green as it is, this would be the all time perfect place to live (for me), as it is, it is "near perfection".
Janice | Arlington, WA
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Something for everyone.
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