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Star Rating - 4/28/2013
I just about fell off my chair when I saw that South Apopka only had a 4-4 on their crime rating. Obviously someone has gotten their wires crossed.

We are talking about an area in Apopka that has $20,000.00 bounty's out on police officers heads, and this is not untrue. Look it up...Google South Apopka, and I am sure you will find, article after article about the black on black crime in this small community.

Come on Sperling's...I have trusted that your site has provided true, and up to date statistic's. Now I am questioning every place I have looked into as far as relocating.

Seriously people, just google map and walk down the streets of South Apopka, or better yet, call the Apopka Police Department and see if they will provide you with recent stats on the crime in South Apopka...I'm sure you will agree with me. South Apopka is far from a 4-4.
Dea | Apopka, FL
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