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Star Rating - 3/10/2010
I moved to Flagstaff in June 2008. I came here for the natural beauty and small community , having lived in big cities since I was 18. Before I moved here, I had heard "poverty with a view", the low wages and high cost of living .This did not deter me ..after all I was highly educated, highly experienced, skilled and highly bred. Well, I have been looking for work every day, have networked/joined every group imaginable and nothing. I feel no sense of community and yes it is a high cost of living , low wages and low standards. Employers would rather hire two students at very low wages than one experienced,quality person. As far as poverty with a view..well..I'm now on food stamps. Need I say more.
Diane | Flagstaff, AZ
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So Sorry to hear about that. What kind of work do you want to do?
Theresa | Austin, TX | Report Abuse

Flagstaff employers have a habit of preferring out of town or out of state folks to hire. It makes it difficult for locals who have been laid off or lost their jobs to get re-hired locally. I don't know why this is but that's been my experience.
Care | Flagstaff, AZ | Report Abuse

"Employers would rather hire two students at very low wages than one experienced,quality person." Were you really expecting different from a college town? I'm from Washington state and have lived in Olympia for much of it. I have several friends in AZ who tell me Flagstaff is Arizona's Olympia. Hard to leave for the atmosphere but almost impossible to find work in.And that is because Olympia has 3 major colleges and only one small mall. I would never move to Olympia assuming I'd be able to find work if I just networked well enough and not be able to financially support myself for at least six months first. That's just naive. I don't think Flagstaff would be any different for the same principals.
Ava | Fayetteville, AR | Report Abuse

what kind of person moves to a city ASSUMING they will magically find work?!?! THEN bashes that city instead of admitting THEY were the fool?!?! I have never lived in Flagstaff but have been there several times and from research can say the nursing wages there statistically are even higher than Hawaii or Dallas so how is that low wages??
jon | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse
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