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Star Rating - 9/18/2009
In general, Dayton has a slow paced lifestyle. It does not take long to get anywhere, except when roads are under construction, and most people are pretty easy going. There is a great arts community in Dayton, both visual and performing arts. It could be the low cost of living allows for more artistic expression. However, many artists complain about not being able to make a living at their art, because there is not a large enough community to support the number of artists in the area.
Decor8or | Dayton, OH
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- 1/4/2018
Great Place
Spent years assigned at WPAFB (in Mar 90 - Aug 95') and lived in Oakwood for 5 years. We l...
David | Kalkaska, MI | No Replies

- 6/7/2017
Rundown and culture dictated by WPAFB
I spent four and a half miserable years here. Essentially, your only employment opportu...
| Dayton, OH | 1 Reply

- 11/4/2012
Dayton Econom
Economy is horrible....
shawn | Dayton, OH | No Replies

- 8/28/2011
Dayton from the rear view mirror
Roger Clements hall of fame pitcher and scoundrel was born and raised in the Dayton area. ...
ralph | Dayton, OH | No Replies

- 8/25/2011
Sadly at this time Dayton seems to be dying....
gisele | Dayton, OH | No Replies

- 1/9/2011
Live Here
What do I say about Dayton? I've lived here or in one of the suburbs of Dayton my whole l...
Bp | Dayton, OH | No Replies

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