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Good For Families, Bad For Entertainment
Star Rating - 5/22/2019
I've lived in Marion for ~22 years now, and it has its pros (+) and cons (-):
+ Marion is one of the safest places to live in the country.
+ The cost of living vs salary balance is pretty good; not a lot of poverty here.
+ The above two points make it a pretty good place to raise a family or retire.
+ It's a 30 - 45 minute drive to some other major cities (Iowa City, Amana Colonies, etc.), which have more things to do.
- There isn't a whole lot to do in Marion itself, and though Cedar Rapids is right next door, it doesn't come anywhere close to what larger cities have in terms of activities and night life. Most things require a bit of a drive.
- It's not a very beautiful place to live. There are some nice parks, trails, and Indian Creek, but overall not a lot of scenery.
- The weather is a major downer for me personally. Winters are very cold with a lot of snow, spring is rainy with flooding, summer is very hot/humid.
- Public transportation is limited, and because points of interest are few and far between, a winter-worthy car is a must.

All in all, I like living in Marion, but it's boring. I plan on moving somewhere more exciting, but ultimately I think I'd move back here when I retire to be near family.
Kim | Marion, IA
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