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Redneck mekha
Star Rating - 3/7/2018
I knew about rednecks in this country only from South Park cartoon. I lived in a trashy places like Texas and Ohio, I used to think these were bad places to live. This part of Florida is pure redneck. There are no international or hispanic crowd (which can annoy you sometimes). People are not bright. Sometimes you need to explain simple things in the store because they don't get it. Service is bad... Crime is high in Ft. Walton and Pensacola because of African-Americans. Yes, if you need to buy drugs, you go to Pensacola.
If you are a millionaire it (Destin) can be the right place. It's sort of Monaco of North Florida (if you ever been to Monaco). If you haven't, this is an expensive place with no minorities because they cannot afford it.
No culture. Traffic is horrifying from March until December.
Daniel | ,
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Ive been in the Fort Walton Beach, Destin area for 22 years.Ive never had a problem and Im black.You may have a few isolated incidents of shootings in Ft.Walton once in a blue moon but,its pretty safe.If your not part of the bad're good.Destin is Safer.Its a tourist town.Alot of rich people.Again,never even come close to having any problem.To the previous review,if you think crime is high in Ft.Walton,you need to visit Shreveport,Louisiana.You'll find REAL crime in Louisiana.Only problem with Ft.Walton is the job market.They are getting better but,still kinda thin.You can find one though.In this area,Destin is where the jobs are.
Brian | Niceville, FL
- 2/9/2013
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