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Do NOT move here!
Star Rating - 7/1/2015
My husband I are are from Illinois and Indiana. We moved here five years ago and we still HATE it! In the Midwest people are friendly and care about others. I can't begin to count the number of dirty looks I've gotten simply for smiling at someone. If you hold a door open for someone they walk through like they are better than you and won't even look at you let alone show some sort of thanks. We have lived in the same apartment for all five years and we haven't made friends with anyone despite many attempts. If you only care about yourself this place is perfect for you. This selfishness continues onto the road. Good luck getting someone to let you change lanes during traffic. If you use a turn signal people speed up to block you out. I have almost been side swiped hundreds of times, because no one knows to check blind spots. If you don't tailgate everyone will cut you off only inches from hitting you. I have never wanted to move as much as do. Do NOT move here if you're nice, you'll be eaten alive. At least there is no snow...
Katie | Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I totally agree with you in everything. I just move from Fort lauderdale, SIMPLY ENOUGH
alisha | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Report Abuse

I moved here almost 4 years ago and I REGRET it. You cannot buy a house because the taxes and HOA are so frigging high. The Layin people treat you like shit if you're African American. There's a rich Latin cultured like Miami but otherwise than that, there's not much to do. Yes its warm but unbearable during the summer months. I come from the dmv area and ppl are 100% nicer there. I still dont know how half the ppl on the road got their license. Rent is ridiculous bc investors want to build luxury condos downtown they hasve to first invest or build low income housing. Well low income is 1200 for a 1bdrm but you can only make 20k a year. Who the he'll can afford that? So like any gentrified situation they move ppl out of their neighborhood to figure out what to do while other people come in and live or aka "better the area". I am currently looking elsewhere to move but so sadden bc it has always been a goal to move here.
Paul | Lauderhill, FL | Report Abuse

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city, with somewhat higher taxes, but the sunshine tax is worth it, in many ways. The one thing I don't understand ... Why are runners so entitled, that they are not cited for running in the bike lane on a1a. If, they don't like running on the sidewalk, they could run on that huge beach, but no, they are so entitled that they believe it is their right to run in both directions on the bike lane, which is a section of the highway. I wonder if the biker who hits one of these entitled, would be cited. When we pay to put in wonderful road, paths and trails and those who can't follow simple rules, they do not deserve the privilege of using any of our amenities.
Missy | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Report Abuse

I know exactly what you're talking about, Fort Lauderdale used to be amazing I mean amazing in the 90s but its changed for the worst and its really sad to see, I recommend you move to Tampa! I am a Fort Lauderdale native and grew up there in the 90s when it first started to develop and become a big metro area and I recently went back for a year and WOW it's not what it used to be if you want a safe, family friendly and sane place to live absolutely do not move to Fort Lauderdale move to the Tampa area or Clearwater instead, everyone I went to high school with in Fort Lauderdale who went off to colleges in different areas of Florida and other states have no returned and have no plans of going back there, the drivers are insane, road rage incidents in Broward lead to shootings on the highway it's not a joke, and manners ? Forget about it! If you come from NYC or LA you will like Fort Lauderdale because there's less people and its relaxed and all compared to downtown LA or NYC but seriously if you want a place with nice people, family friendly environment, yet still a city vibe move to the Tampa metropolitan area not south florida this is coming from someone who lived in Palm beach county and Broward county for two decades back when the place was nice and liveable, now unless you want to be a drug dealer, hooker or you're an aspiring model of some kind, there's really no reason to live in Fort Lauderdale. Now despite all of this I plan on moving back to Fort Lauderdale and living there for a long time but for people from other states I absolutely do not recommend south florida for you, I lived in Tampa for three years and the people are so much nicer, friendlier and have basic manners! The drivers are also not lunatics, I am moving back to Fort Lauderdale because I can take it and all of my memories are there but for people who middle class income and want to live somewhere with sane people do my I repeat do not move to South Florida it's only liveable if you have a lot of money or you have nerves of steel and are willing to work at whole foods for minimum wage. Think you're going to move to South Florida and magically become a billionaire and magically be transformed into your dream, forget about it, if you move here real life will hit you in the face really quickly. Now I must state that I will love South Florida forever and I will go back but for out of staters save yourselves ! Don't do it! There isn't enough space here to write why it's not a good idea to move to South florida from another area in 2016.
Carter | Safety Harbor, FL | Report Abuse

I don't like to generalize. There are good and bad people everywhere, BUT, that said, I believe that the Ft. Lauderdale area attracts self absorbed, rude people. I lived there for ten years with my husband, after moving down from up north. We had a nice home on the water, and instead of being happy, I was lonely and friendless there. We were treated like aliens because we smiled, were kind, and thought of others. The supermarket parking lots were filled with random carts from people who were too lazy and uncaring to put them in the cart holder or, God-forbid, walk them back to the store. Driving was a nightmare, and I was told more than once by snooty neighbors, that I should up my game handbag wise. We just moved to the Treasure Coast (Stuart, Fl), and it is a treasure. Not perfect, nothing is, but the overall culture is one of kindness, friendliness, and values that match ours. I have moved a lot in my life, all over the country, and I disliked "Paradise" aka Ft Lauderdale more than any other place I've lived.
Susan | Stuart, FL | Report Abuse

Katie, I read your comments and I have to say that I feel for you and your husband. My wife and I have lived here for 3.5 years and have had the same experience. We are now moving out of state and are very excited for a change. People here are tricky, they are not relational but I really dont think its because they mean to be rude, they have just lived in this same enviroment and a lot of people are from Latin America here and kind of stay to themselves. This creates a lot of isolation and loneliness in this region of Florida. There is also a huge racial divide here like I have never seen anywhere else I have lived (many places). Best of luck to you, maybe you can relocate!
zach | Colorado Springs, CO | Report Abuse
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