Review of La Vergne, Tennessee

Small city comfort with some big city culture and
Star Rating - 12/3/2008
This city is small in size and numbers but it has alot of community activities; which alot of bigger towns and and mid sized cities would be jealous of. Housing is mostly crammed in amongst a long standing industrial area, but it makes the best of this sitaution and is incorporating new stores and ameneties all the time. The area is attracting more crime and undisreable elements that are typical of a larger city. All in all it's a nice place to live with all the amenities you could want and if not the are close enough by in Smyrna (La vergne's neighbor) you may not find an abundance of anyone thing but you atleast have one. Cost of living is excellent here; this is comes from someone who lived in Phoenix,AZ. It's a nice family friendly and culturally diverse community. I give this place 4 stars out of 5 ****!
Nico | La Vergne, TN
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