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Good but Eternal, Neverending Construction in Will
Star Rating - 1/9/2007
I have lived in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn for bordering on 7 years now, and it has been a mixed experience. I moved here just before the whole hipster Williamsburg thing blew up, and the repurcussions of that happening are multi-faceted.

The Good: To begin with, Brooklyn is indeed cheaper, though becoming less so daily. You are also very close to Manhattan (1-4 subway stops). Generally you get more space for your dollar, though you will still be horrified what that dollar gets you if you move from anywhere except somewhere else in NYC. All the artists and people who didn't work in finance were mostly priced out of Manhattan and moved to Brookly (or maybe Jersey, yech) years ago. That said, the enormous warehouses here that once (and some still do) housed industrial factories (think metal widget makers) became lofts. Or they already were, illegally. That was great; lots of younger artist types (like myself) who really don't give a S&^t which can make life interesting. Many many days I have not even bothered to go in to Manhattan because I have everything I need here. Lots of great cafes, restaurants, galleries and bars, drinking is indeed an intramural sport here in new york city. Lots of great music too.

On to some of the not so good. Gyms are a little scarce, but we do walk a lot here. If you work in the city then you have a million options. ALso, my roommates and I were evicted from our first apt not because of delinquency but because the owner knew he could get 5x rent for a bar or restaurant in Williamsburg, which is what he did. My old apartment is now a bar. My new apartment, is gorgeous but a construction site (5 construction sites on 1 block), which much of Brooklyn is experiencing. There are new condos going up everywhere, those of us who have lived here have watched silently as the finance types but them up.

NYC is great if you have money, it sucks if you don't because there is so much temptation in every way possible. If you are someone who is inspired by that, great, join the masses here. But in general, if you are an outdoorsy type and think you can find a park to run in, you really won't unless you live down by McCarren Park. You will find lots and lots of concrete, skreeching trains, loud trucks, and lots of pavement on which to run. I regularly wear earplugs here. If you are older you may enjoy it because there is unmatched culture, but be prepared to pay for the privelege. I'm fleeing for the (greener) hills e
Stacy | New York, NY
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