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Star Rating - 10/23/2009
If your thinking of moving to the phx area,please give it a lot of thought.I'm nearly 60 and have lived in the phx area most of my life and I would dearly love to retire somewhere else.When I was younger Phx was a friendly and safe place to live, but not anymore.My own kids who are grown and raising their kids absolutly hate this place.For me what is so depressing is the fact that you can't retire to any place in the "country" around phx thats affordable and wont be swallowed up by developement.When I go to Kentucky to visit relatives I cant belive the differences in the people,lack of crime,lower cost of living.Phx is also getting hotter all the time. 100 degree weather from april to the middle of october just gets old.
william | Glendale, AZ
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- 8/7/2014
Summers are too hot...
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- 10/16/2012
Glendale, Arizona
Glendale, Arizona has just put in an 11.5% sales tax. In my opinion it is an embarrassment...
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- 7/6/2010
I enjoy the weather after living in Minnesota for the past 62 years. The winters were gett...
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Re: Activities for Families
I am anticipating relocating to Glendale, Az and would like to know what is there for fami...
Tosha | Tallahassee, FL | 1 Reply

- 2/24/2010
The Land of Sun
I would like to say hello to AZ, even though I've been here for three years now. Coming f...
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