Review of Waupun, Wisconsin

Is Waupun a Police State?
Star Rating - 4/4/2009
Arrive in Waupun, and the five minutes it takes to drive from one
side of town to the other, you will on a solid average see, at the
very least, three cops. If you have a radar detector, you will discover
the WPD has their radar guns on 24/7. It is unbelievable! Has anyone
ever questioned their radar device budget? It must be HUGE! And they
follow you for absolutely no reason, because of course your radar
detector is sounding off at full capacity at all times, so, DUH, you
drive super extra careful... and they are STILL following you. Go through
Waupun enough times, why, you'll be throwing up in your mouth at the sheer
waste of resources.


Abhd | Waupun, WI
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