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No longer a "livable" city: Noisy Not Boise
Star Rating - 11/15/2019
The urban sprawl here in Boise is staggering.

Their idea of city planning/design does not derive any of its motivation from aesthetics, that's for sure.
I agree that planning and building standards are clueless about aesthetics. They and local governments seem far more motivated by generating tax revenue.
As in most places these days, their idea of a beautifully designed residential area is a Walmart Supercenter as the church and 5,000 plunkplunk houses around it.

The builders must be making a fortune and as soon as it all gets built out I'm sure they will move because "it's too fucking crowded around here."

The usual sequence: the vacant property gets zoned commercial; the value goes way up; The developers descend on it; They hire architects that pull out and re-copy the last sprawling shopping center they did; it gets built and the roads get crowded;The roads get widened and traffic signals come in; the city supervisors love the tax revenue; and everybody else laments and wonders what happened.
Virgil | Star, ID
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- 12/13/2019
Mixed bag of pros and cons- just too conservative.
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Boise Used To Be Nice Place
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F**k Idaho in general
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You can have shitti Boise! I'm out!
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- 8/23/2019
Great if you like bad traffic and bad air :-P
I was born in Boise and lived there for most of my life, just shy of 40 years (1976-2016)....
Bob | Troy, ME | 3 Replies

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