Review of Burnsville, Minnesota

Convenient to Twin Cities
Star Rating - 7/22/2018
Burnsville is a 2nd ring suburb south of Minneapolis and St Paul. The community has become very diverse as the population in the Twin Cities metro area continues to grow. Housing is very affordable compared to the more expensive cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. The new river trail along the Minnesota River is paved and a great place to walk or bike. Lots of shopping and ethnic dining options. Top 10 in the nation dog park. 15 minutes to Mall of America and Intl airport. 20 minutes to downtown Minneapolis or St Paul. Bus mass transit with free parking and express service. Lots of city parks. Low crime. Diverse housing stock with single family and many townhomes and condos. Have been here 20 years, no reason to move elsewhere.
Todd | Burnsville, MN
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