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Feels Like a Desperate Place
Star Rating - 7/17/2006
I love Seattle, so moved here to Kent last year because I cannot yet afford to live right in the city. Kent has a lot of industry here and a lot of decent jobs, so I do not know why it has so many desperate people as well. Could be because of the large county jail smack in the middle of town. And the two very busy train tracks within 4 blocks of each other. Very loud freight trains as well as two different commuter trains create a LOT of noise and traffic here. The crime is high (I don't have any statistics). Seems like a lot of folk with heavy substance abuse problems live here. That is what drove me to this site, trying to find a better place to live. I wish this town luck!
Mary | Kent, WA
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- 1/9/2012
hello every one ...
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Western Washington climate
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- 7/5/2008
kent is a nice place to live
employment-housing-mass-transit, kent has it all....
david | Kent, WA | No Replies

- 11/17/2007
Kent is nice for driving because it is close to 4 highways/freeways. If your are commutin...
Kate | Kent, WA | No Replies

- 10/14/2006
Good Neighborhood ... The Lakes
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Ashlyn | Crystal Lake, IL | 1 Reply

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