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Dayton Ohio
Star Rating - 8/23/2009
In Dayton, crime is at an all time high. The police cannot control the crime and drugs that has turned this city and the surrounding suburbs into a crappy place to live. People are getting shot at local malls and Wal-Marts. Drug dealers can sell on the streets and in parking lots but the cops will blatantly ignore this and go after the buyer. There are numerous "known" drug houses but nothing is done. Instead the focus is on speeders and traffic violations. The police around the area are jokes and could care less about it because they tend to live outside the area in very well communities. The schools are crappy, except in a few outer areas that can afford to spend over $500,000.00 on a fake football field when there are homeless women and children just a mile away. (Oakwood) They should be ashamed of theirselves! If you are planning on moving here, take my advice "DON'T!" The first chance I get I will be out of here and wont miss it a bit.
Nicole | Moraine, OH
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Thats all soo true i just wanna say is a dew thingz please dont move here let me tell u this ok u xant wven walk out of your house with out being shot the ops shot my dog baxk in 07 for nothing thT was the dayton cops im moceing in augs to dever co. Please here us out dont move here DAYTON OHIO is a bad this to come to
dj | Dayton, OH
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