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goin' back home
Star Rating - 3/1/2006
I'll be moving back to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area next month from Colorado. I was born there and after some research and urging from friends and family I'm going back. Minneapolis, once you get past the weather (which isn't as bad as its reputation), is an excellent place to live. It is rife with culture and entertainment opportunity and is a beautiful area.
Gabriel | Clifton, CO
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- 12/29/2009
10,000 Lakes are Calling
Born and raised in Minnesota, moved to GA 2.5 years ago. Georgia is a wonderful place, but...
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- 5/5/2009
I love this place, but it is unbelievably is clost to downtown Mpls and st....
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Little Switzerland
This city works. It snows and before you know it, the road is cleared and salted. The sc...
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- 12/14/2007
Schools and weather
Have one child in elementary school - unbelievable standards and available programs. They...
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- 4/23/2006
First ring suburb of Minneapolis. High quality of life and good schools....
Bruce | Minneapolis, MN | No Replies

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