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Lived in the area for 12 years, and love it.
Star Rating - 5/16/2020
My family and I have lived in the Casper area for 12 years. There is so much that we enjoy about the area. From its fabulous parks for kids to play at, to the Platte River Trail which is wonderful for running, you can always find something to do outside while staying in town. Casper mountain offers year-round activities that we can ALL participate in. My family hikes and picnics in the warm weather and snowshoes and cross country skies in the winter. Edness Kimbal state park and Alcova offer water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding...and Alcova has overnight camping and boat renting at the marina. The downtown has been reinvigorated with outdoor concerts, bars and places to eat at for date night or you can comfortably take the kids. The Casper Events center brings concerts and programs to town to keep things exciting. The multiple museums (including the Science Zone Children's Museum) offer cold-weather entertainment without breaking the bank. Mix in rodeos, fairs, the college, hunting, fishing and the kindness of Wyoming's people and you can see why we have no plans to leave.
Cathy | Evansville, WY
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